Landscape Design Tampa

Hey Tampa, are you looking for a landscape design that will stay beautiful for many years? The Landscape Artist will ensure your investment in landscaping is a good one! Are you tired of replacing your dead lawn?  Alternatively, a grassless yard might be a a viable option instead of a turf lawn.  In other words, we remove the grass in those troubled areas and replacing it with other materials. Specifically, plants, fine rock pathways, boulders, and other sustainable ornamentals make a good substitute for dead grass.  This method of landscape design is called: Florida friendly landscape design.  Grassless landscape designs are also becoming more popular these days. With all of the restrictions on chemicals, fertilizers and water… how are you to keep that lawn green, or even alive? Going grassless is an option to consider.

Turf Reduction

While complete turf removal is one option to a low maintenance yard, a landscape design that has some turf elements in it is also manageable.  Turf reduction is removal of grass to make room for planting beds within the landscape design.

Landscape Design Tampa Bay

To return to the subject of a low maintenance landscape design, Tampa has moderate temperatures that can range between a tropical to sub-tropical  climate.  Under those circumstances, using live materials should be done carefully (if you don’t want to lose your whole investment).  Planning a professional landscape design requires someone who can understand both the science and the artistic elements.  Landscape design is a fine balance of science and art.  Live elements complicate the project.

Tampa Landscape Designer

Sadree Landscape Design has been serving Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties for over 15 years!  Shaun Sadree is the Landscape Artist, and he has been calling Tampa his home for over a decade.  If you want something from the ordinary to the extraordinary, this Tampa landscape designer is who will bring your ideas to life.  If you don’t know what you want or what will work, Shaun is your best choice.  There is a big difference between a landscaper and an artist of landscape design.  One thing that sets him apart is that he installs all of his own work to ensure your landscape design comes out to his high standards.